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Wuwei Antaida Seed Co.,ltd. was found in 2006, a technological enterprise consists of scientific research, development, produce and sell. We have been committed gourd vegetables research, development and popularization of watermelon and muskmelon, breeding new species by technology and innovation, contributing to the sustainable development of agriculture. We are located in Wuwei at the east of Hexi Corridor. Relying on the excellent seed producing environment, now we have 5000 acre gourd vegetables breeding base at Wuwei, Zhangye and Jiuquan, and we have 80000kg per year seed producing ability. 

We have abundant crop seed resources, stable scientific research base at Hainan, Yunnan and Gansu province. We are devoted to scientific research innovation by applying advanced breeding technology and scientific breeding method. We will screen all seeds to choose those seeds that can adapt different climates and soil environments. We have been communicating and cooperating with counterparts and scientific research institutes at home and abroad for a long time.   We acknowledge and master the latest trend of seed breeding so that we can ensure the foresightedness of our new product. 

We have stable production bases, normative production process, matured production technology and scientific regulation to guarantee every seed we produce meets the first level standard. High purity, high germ rate and healthy seed is our core competitive power.

We are committed to testing and demonstrating first, then popularizing and selling to safeguard the benefit of promoter, seller and vegetable grower. We adhere to business moral, hold on to High quality, Efficiency, Integrity, and Win-win as our business purpose so we take responsibility for the benefits of business partners and consumers.
We are looking forward to cooperating sincerely with other seed companies at home and abroad to face the fierce competition at seed market in 21st century and create a better future for Chinese seed industry.

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